Monday, 15 October 2012

I'm so excited to be back at Enrich!! In the morning we started with going over our slideshow for the airport. My group's idea was adding blackboards. So, I better tell you why we were going over it. It was because a lady called Chloe came in from the airport to see if it was good. She did some note-taking so she could talk about it with her boss. She said that all of our ideas were great. These are the airport groups we had: QR codes, which are codes that you scan on a smartphone, Iphone or ipad and then it takes you directly to a website, so it can be handy if your a tourist or something, and then it can take you to restaurant sites or motels/hotels and stuff like that. Black board, games and mural. She said That she loved all our ideas and she said with the QR codes that it's a REALLY good idea and also she said that where we had decided to put the blackboards was a really good place to put it because it is upstairs and out of the way of the cafe.

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