Sunday, 19 October 2014


Hello Everyone!
Today is a very quick blog. 
My goal this term is to play chess more often (to help get better at it) and to try to work with other people I normally don't work with. 
From Anna

Sunday, 14 September 2014


Hello Everyone!
Today has been a very stressful at Enrich@ILT. We have to finish our DYP and our CDs. But there is good news. We have finished our CD! Here we are with the finished copy:

We took about 15 sessions (20 hours) on doing this. We are having 3 each for our family and one for Enrich@ILT to remember us as we are leaving the  program next year :'( I am really happy with the way it turned out, and Tessa has too. We have come a very long way and we didn't think this would turn out that good. 

Bye Ya'll!
From Anna 

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Hello all of my Lil' Couch Potatoes! How are you guys? Good?
Was that a yes? Oh that's good. If you said no, that's sad.

Anyway, today at Enrich@ILT has obviously, by the title above...been busy! In fact, busy, busy, BUSY! The plan for the morning was to do DYP (Discovering Your Past) from after the roll to interval. I was working on my pictures and my country of importance, Denmark.

And I am Nervcited (nervous and excited) because the Spring Fling is in two weeks! I'm excited for dressing up, getting it over and done with, and especially trying the different foods!
Bye Couch Potatoes!
From Anna :D 

Sunday, 10 August 2014


Hi everyone!
Today at Enrich@ILT has been so awesome and filled with music! Guess why? Because I did GarageBand for 2/3 of the day! Tessa and I continued to make the cover and we changed it quite a heap! We scrapped the idea of our other one and we combined something together. Tessa made a cd cover that she liked and I made one that I liked. Then we combined them together and got this! (It's down below). I think it looks really cool especially with the half crazy and half not- and the headphones look so professional! The colours are really cool together. 

And, the font of the writing I LOVE! Here is Tessa and I doing GarageBand!
Thanks for reading! And I'm going to do the thing I always did-
Adios, Anna.

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Hi Everyone 
Today at Enrich has been so fun and exciting!
We have done our strength based areas (GarageBand) and our passion projects (Also GarageBand).
I'm going to put up a picture of our OWN CD cover so far, because we did not use any pictures at all from the internet, and no ideas from the internet so this cover Tessa and I thought of ourselves. We then got called for another interview with Kady and Olivia for their project. (Hint: you better WATCH it when it comes out. If you didn't realise, WATCH as in TV was the hint). Tessa and I are going to be famous! Bye! From Anna aka BIG couch potato. Here is the CD cover BTW it is a DJ project if you don't know! Once again, BYE BYE LIL COUCH POTATOES!

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Garageband Galore!

Hi Everyone!
Today at Enrich has been so fun!
We started off the morning with Garageband with Paul. We learnt how to cut music to either shorten it or put it in a different place. Also when you are on Garageband it makes a ticking noise when it is playing, Paul taught us how to get rid of it. After morning tea, we did passion projects. We learnt how to get free loops and change the tempo.
See the video

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Im Back!

Hello Everyone!
I'm back! Iv'e missed all of you couch potatoes!
Today at Enrich@ILT has been extremely busy. To start off the morning, we did 3 rotations. They were Digital Footprints with Paul, How to Handle Stress with Nicola and Tannembaum with Katie. I really liked the handling with stress one because when you came out you felt all floaty and peaceful, and it was quite fun just to doodle and be quiet. Also this afternoon we have been working on our discovery projects and making a tree because we have got all of our information done and photos done. I'm really excited to present it, but I don't know if I should use Prezi or a poster board. Anyway, I can't stress about it!

See you all later!
From Anna