Monday, 29 October 2012

Waihopai River Planting

Today at Enrich we went on a trip to the Waihopai River. We went there to plant some trees. We planted some trees so that all of the mud that used to be getting into the tracks will now not because the trees will block the way. It was also a good idea to plant them because when we get older we can always go and visit and see how much they've grown and if you had children you can say "When I was your age I went to a place called Enrich and we went on a trip with  the whole class and I planted some of these trees".  I was in a pair with my friend Neave that goes here with me and also goes to the same ballet as me. It took about 2 hours and we planted 250 plants! It was a bit tiring but eventually we got there! Also what was really good was that they provided us big juice boxes. We got 2 because we had one for morning tea/juice break and one for the way back to Enrich on the bus. Today was really fun.
Adios, Anna.

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