Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Hello Blog readers!

Sorry I didn't get to do a post last week because we ran out of time =(
Anyway, today was awesome! Darryn and Nicola were not here today so Jenni filled in for Nicola and Jane filled in for Darryn.
In music and performance today we got to make a song on GarageBand for about half an hour, then we listened to each others songs. All of them were really cool and random! Mine started off with a very simple bongo beat and then it went into bongos and a banjo beat. After that, there was a short pause. Then there was a different banjo beat with bongos, the starting banjos with the bongo beat then just bongos. See the pattern? It sounds really confusing but when you read it over and over you will start to get the pattern in your head and get your head around it. 
At the start before we went on GarageBand, I had no idea how to use it at all. I couldn't even get one piece of music or a beat on it! I have now learnt how to use it! I know how to put beats, strums, effects and lots more on it! I recommend using GarageBand for slideshows because it really is fun and funny, and pretty much amazing. I have enjoyed having music and performance with Jenni today. She is really fun and funny =)
Anna ;)  

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