Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Are all impossible things possible?

This afternoon, we got into our rotation groups. Katie lined us up in one big line down the floor and told us where to go for either P4C or debating. Katura, Liam, Matt , Samantha, Luca, Grace, Brianna and I went into P4C and all of the other people went to debating. Oh, yeah, and the newspaper kids went and did the newspaper with Nicola. In P4C today, we talked about impossible and possible things. The question was "Are all impossible things well, possible?" To me, yes they are. Think back 100 years ago, when some people thought " NA! There can not be anything that drives people around! See?! They thought what is possible was impossible. Now think 100 years on, who knows what is going to happen?! Maybe they will invent flying pants or an iPad 20? We just don't know. I have learnt that if you imagine, it can always be possible.
Bye, Anna 

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