Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Funny And Icky!

Hello blog readers!

Today at Enrich was funny and icky! To start off the fabulous morning, we played a game of chess. I challenged Mia, then Grace. I lost both of the games =(. I have to admit, I'm terrible at chess.

After play, we got into our groups for the teacher led workshops. Have I told you I'm in science? Well, I am. We were doing some experiments with dry ice.   The dry ice was minus 80 degrees!!!

My favorite experiment we did was when we got a big beer glass and filled it with water, then got some food colouring and put some of that into the water, put some dry ice and dishwashing liquid and Voila! You have your masterpiece. Mine came out as green puffy bubbles! Make sure you DON"T touch the dry ice. (You can touch the bubbles with your bare hands though.)

WARNING: 1. Wear a glove on whatever hand you will be using to put the dry ice into your glass. 2. Wear safety glasses. If you already do have glasses then you don't need to put safety glasses on.

Anna =D    

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