Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Hello blog readers!
This morning has been a blast!
Today in music and performance we carried on with our monologues. We got an hour to rehearse. We also used Nicola's costumes and had a dress rehearsal! For my Disneyland monologue I am playing a 13 year old girl who has those huge glasses with a flower lei around my neck and a huge orange sequin bow! Basically I am a goofy gal. Nicola has made some amazing changes to the costume corner... she bought  LOTS of new costumes! Including police hats, clown wigs, goofy glasses, ties and bows, skirts and dresses, masks, scarfs... and even a santa beard! 
We are performing our monologues to our other mates in performance next week so I'd better get rehearsing!
See ya, Anna =)

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