Sunday, 3 August 2014

Hi Everyone 
Today at Enrich has been so fun and exciting!
We have done our strength based areas (GarageBand) and our passion projects (Also GarageBand).
I'm going to put up a picture of our OWN CD cover so far, because we did not use any pictures at all from the internet, and no ideas from the internet so this cover Tessa and I thought of ourselves. We then got called for another interview with Kady and Olivia for their project. (Hint: you better WATCH it when it comes out. If you didn't realise, WATCH as in TV was the hint). Tessa and I are going to be famous! Bye! From Anna aka BIG couch potato. Here is the CD cover BTW it is a DJ project if you don't know! Once again, BYE BYE LIL COUCH POTATOES!

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