Sunday, 10 August 2014


Hi everyone!
Today at Enrich@ILT has been so awesome and filled with music! Guess why? Because I did GarageBand for 2/3 of the day! Tessa and I continued to make the cover and we changed it quite a heap! We scrapped the idea of our other one and we combined something together. Tessa made a cd cover that she liked and I made one that I liked. Then we combined them together and got this! (It's down below). I think it looks really cool especially with the half crazy and half not- and the headphones look so professional! The colours are really cool together. 

And, the font of the writing I LOVE! Here is Tessa and I doing GarageBand!
Thanks for reading! And I'm going to do the thing I always did-
Adios, Anna.

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