Sunday, 18 May 2014

DJ Ann in the House!

Hello Lil' Couch Potatoes!                                                          
I've missed y'all! Does it sound like I'm from Texas?    
Today, at Enrich, it has been an absolute blast!                       
I have decided what passion                 project I'm doing!!! I am doing    
it with Tessa and we are                    
making                                                     an album full of our very own           original garageband songs.             
We are hoping to make a full           album with a CD cover and with a CD inside. We also want to                     release                                                                                                
it on iTunes ---------------------->(please do!!) .                      
So you guys can have a little snippet and if you        like it that much, you can buy it!                                            
I am really excited to get onto this project!                        
Bye, From Anna aka BIG couch potato.                              

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