Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Like an Eagle!

Hello blog readers!
Sorry about the delay last week! I wasn't here! I was sick last week so I couldn't come to Enrich :( I was so so sad especially missing out on a blog post! Anyway I will tell you what we did in music and performance today. We had a new teacher that was taking Nicola's place for this session. Her name is Amanda. Tessa, Mia and I go to the same school and we are basically best friends (at Enrich) and we are in music and performance group together. We already knew Amanda because she sometimes teaches at our school in the room next to us. Right. We started off with doing a warmup and it is the "You" game. You need about eight people. Someone starts off with saying you quietly then you get louder and louder and then you get quieter and quieter and you eventually fade away. We learnt a new song called "Like An Eagle". It is really really cool. I am better at getting the words into my head. We went over a few other songs and we were finished.
Thanks for reading my blog post!
Bye, adios, Anna   :)

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