Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Caine's Arcade

Hi everyone!!
Today Enrich was action packed with fun! Straight away, we started with a video of giftedness and of determination. There is a boy in L.A called Caine and he is a gifted person who always tries his best and will never give up on anything. I reckon (one) of his strengths is probably creativity because of this video. When Caine was about 8 or 9 he said to his father "I want to make a arcade". Caine's Dad must of thought "No way." But his Dad gave him some cardboard boxes and Caine would've thought "Yes! Thank-you Dad!" And this is how he became famous. First of all he got a claw and a piece of yarn and attached both of them together. Then he made a hole in the box and put some prizes in it and that's how he is my favourite person in the world. I LOVE his creativity. He made 6 or 7 games and they look amazing. A guy came out just to change his door handle at Caine's Dad's auto-parts shop. While he was in there he saw Caine's masterpiece. He asked how much it was to play per game. It was a one dollar for 5 games but if you got a fun pass for 2 dollars you got to play up to 500 games!!!!! All Caine wanted was two dollars and for people to enjoy his arcade! His father took him out to a pizza place for lunch and Caine got to explore some real arcade games. On the way home his father asked him  if he wanted to close down early since he wasn't getting any customers. And guess what he said. "No chance." That's the determination he has. His father planned a surprise earlier with the man that was Caine's first customer. Lots of people made banners and came to his arcade! This man Caine's first customer) got all those people by advertising Caine's Arcade on the Internet and making a Facebook page! When Caine came back he saw all of the people (and there were HEAPS of them), he smiled with joy. Here is the link to watch this fabulous and inspiring video:


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