Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Wilson Game

Hello Everyone!!!
Today at enrich we had a blast!!! We started off with a Wilson game. It is the hoop game. These is the instructions to play:

You will need:

  • 3 people in a team (had a mix of boys and girls)
  • 1 hoop about 3, 3and a half metres away.
  • a line/place you are going to start.
  • 1 clapper/referee

  • When the referee says jump and claps at the same time you have to jump towards the hoop.
  • The referee will trick you- He might say ready, set, jump! without clapping and if you fall for it then you have to start again.
  • The three players must be in a circle, holding hands.
Aim: Be the first team to all be in the hoop without anyone from the team with their foot touching the hoop or with their feet apart (feet must be together at all times).

I hope you enjoyed my blog post today!! Thanks for reading it!!

From Anna :)

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