Monday, 6 August 2012


Hello Again!
Today at enrich was a blast!
About after play we went and did high interest stations.
I did chemistry and I was making Elephant toothpaste.
We had to put Yeast to make it rise (like how bread rises).
If you wanted to make it colourful you put about two drops of food colouring.
If you wanted to make purple and you only had red and blue you put two drops of each colour and that will make a purple.With the yeast you put about three dessert spoons of water and then mix until liquid or also had to put hydrodyen peroxide in it.
Once you put that in you had to put soap in it.
Then you put the yeast into your tube of all the other ingredients  and then "POOF!"The tube goes like hot foam everywhere!but DON'T touch it.

Anna :)

This is what it will turn out like.

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