Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Hello Bloggers! 
YAY! I'm back! I missed you guys! Today at Enrich (so far) has been so fun! We started off the fab day with our session of chess. Grace challenged me and she won =( 
I'm second from the bottom but at the bottom is Tessa. The most challenging part of my day has been learning the christmas medley for Singing 201 with Nicola-la. We have to learn lots of different christmas carols, in one big piece, and then we have to sing Burn by Ellie Goulding for the year 6 people- who are leaving ( gonna miss you JoJo). Anyway, singing 201 is still so fun! Heres a fact- singing 101 would be for beginners but singing 201 means an experienced singer. I can't wait until this afternoon- we are doing the rotation. I'm with Nicola in word patterns, doing our crossword. In the crossword it has over 45 words! IT IS SO HARD!
Bye, Anna

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