Monday, 2 April 2012

Last day of term one!

 Last Day of term one!
Today its the last day of term one.
 The things that I enjoyed this term are:
Doing painting and we had to mix colours to make green purple blue red yellow orange.
 Going on this trip and we went to the Water Tower, the Basilica  and the Art gallery across the road.
Posting on my blog.
Being at Enrich!
The things I have learnt:
Theres no right or wrong answer .
Everyone has a different perspective.
Chess because I didn't know how to play and I really wanted to and now I know!
I've really enjoyed this term and thank you for reading my blog
 and knowing what has been happening at enrich.   
Adios and thank you,
                Anna Morris.
 P.S, Happy holidays everyone and Happy Easter!! 

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